Artworks from Catherine Morin at the Wishbone art gallery in Montreal


✳︎ Sundaze ✳︎ reflects the desire to fully embrace the tranquility of a Sunday. Showcasing ten artists, this group exhibition evokes a relaxed atmosphere and the sense of lightness found in summer moments. It transports you to the gentleness of a Sunday, where time stretches and the essence of nature is celebrated. The presented artworks evoke the warmth of the sun, the freshness of lush gardens, and the serenity of summer Sundays.


Represented Artists
Guest Artists
✳︎  Charlotte Caron
✳︎  Catherine Morin
✳︎  Marilou Patenaude
✳︎  Lobo
✳︎  Tiffany Wong
✳︎  Sophie A.
✳︎  Christophe B. De Muri

✳︎  Tuan Vu