Artwork by MF BAE exhibited at the Wishbone Art Gallery in Montreal, Canada

Je suis mirage

The exhibition "Je suis mirage" brings together the talents of Canadian artists Charlotte Caron, Amielle Clouâtre, Michèle F. Bérard (MF BAE), MK Lavigne, and Eric Louie. Together, they explore moments when consciousness hesitates and the strange intrudes into our perception of reality.

Disorienting, the sensation of depersonalization or derealization shakes the foundations of the individual, confining them to a feeling of extreme incompleteness. The depersonalized subject seeks to navigate through this mirage, hoping to rediscover a familiar image. The showcased artists openly examine this existential struggle against strangeness, both internal and external, questioning the very essence of being in a world where self-image can reinvent itself, distort, or dissolve amidst the doubts surrounding the act of existing.

Through the subtle interplay of light and shadows, as well as altered or floating perspectives, the exhibition aims to demystify the complex mechanisms underlying these states.

Charlotte Caron (Montreal, Canada)
Amielle Clouâtre (Montreal, Canada)
MF BAE (Montreal, Canada)
MK Lavigne (Quebec, Canada)
Eric Louie (Vancouver, Canada)

May 30 to September 2, 2024