Tiffany Wong's artworks at the Wishbone art Gallery in Montreal

Lullaby of the sleepless

Graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in painting, drawing, and animation from Concordia University, her practice reveals remarkable emotional richness. For Wong, the canvas is much more than a mere painting surface; it becomes her confessional, her outlet, even her intimate journal.

In her first solo exhibition at Wishbone Gallery, titled "Lullaby of the Sleepless," artist Tiffany Wong explores immaterial landscapes infused with profound reflection on maternity and intergenerational transmission. 

Tiffany Wong

From April 11th to May 25th 2024

Tiffany Wong's work is deeply influenced by the experience of motherhood, a recurring theme throughout "Lullaby of the Sleepless." Since the beginning of her art career, which coincides with her first maternity leave in 2018, Wong explores the nuances and challenges inherent in the maternal role. During this pivotal period, she describes a sense of floating, where days blend into nights, along with a profound love for her unborn children.

By integrating her reflections on parenthood into her compositions, Wong contemplates the world through the prism of childhood, revealing that the forms she creates naturally emerge from children's innocent and wonder-filled discovery. This deliberate approach brings to life a unique visual language, where each element tells a story of sensory exploration with intentional lightness.

Simultaneously, Wong channels experiences where light and darkness subtly intertwine, embodying them in a series of canvases where variations in hue evoke different facets of motherhood, including the upheavals of postpartum. This representation challenges the traditional myth of the all-powerful mother, suggesting instead an introspection on the pitfalls of this sacred role.