Amielle Clouâtre

Amielle Clouâtre, the bohemian inspired photographer, has an uncanny ability to find beauty in the uncertain, the unclear, and the singular. Her images elevate the abstract to an evocative language, capturing the hidden poetry in shapes and colors. Abstraction is her privileged ally, bearing witness to her acute gaze.

Clouâtre's passion for photography has become her discipline, pulsating through every moment of her life. She follows a well-entrenched ritual, utilizing a mathematical technique to achieve her aesthetic objectives. The resulting images are numerous invitations to contemplation, telling stories that are sometimes gentle, sometimes striking, but always infused with nostalgia.

Unlike many photographers, Amielle Clouâtre doesn't only seek to capture clear and precise images. Rather, she uses her camera to explore universes, painting them with her unique vision. Through her lens, she reveals the composition of the world around us, inviting us to see and feel it’s beauty.

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