Sophie A

Sophie Asselin, also known by her artist name Sophie A., embraces abstraction in search of a more intimate language. Her practice is characterized by a pronounced minimalism; each element in her compositions is carefully balanced, and every detail is thoughtfully refined.

At the core of her work lie imperfect lines and geometric shapes that bestow a distinctive visual signature upon her abstract creations. Instead of conforming to the constraints of geometric perfection, Sophie A. prefers to explore organic forms and delicately imperfect contours.

The use of oil painting exerts a profound influence on Sophie A.'s artistic evolution, revealing her attraction to the unique textural qualities offered by this medium. The meticulously applied layers of oil add an additional dimension, in harmony with the chromatic sobriety that characterizes her practice. The hues she explores, often in pastel shades imbued with joy, generously extend across expansive surfaces, enveloping her canvases.

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