À Moi Seule

À Moi Seule

Artists shown: 
Starting September 7th 2023 


The exhibition À moi seule unites the work of Magali Cazo (Paris, France) and Amielle Clouâtre (Montreal, Canada). In an eloquent dialogue, it mirrors an experience where the women depicted seem to be both guardians and prisoners of their inner landscapes.

On her canvases, Magali Cazo gives life to enigmatic and evocative silhouettes. Her artworks captivate, by the way the contours blend, creating a deliberate blur that enhances the ambiguity and depth of her subjects. Cazo's women whisper to each other; their ethereal forms suggest vulnerability and sensuality tinged with strength. They are not presented as fragile beings to be protected but rather as powerful entities embracing their vulnerability in the face of existence.

Amielle Clouâtre, through her delicate lens, captures the essence of the landscapes she encounters. Her nostalgic photographs transport us to distant coastlines where vanishing lines and the play of light convey a subtle impression. The muted colors and evanescent shapes reveal buried emotions within the depths of memory.

In the presence of each other, the artworks transform into misty reflections where reality delicately blurs. A subtle connection between landscape and body is established, allowing for an exploration of feminine identity. It's as if nature itself is embodied within the women's skin, and solitude, a discreet companion of creation, becomes a reflection of profound introspection. The artworks invite contemplation of the frequent seclusion imposed on women. The depicted landscapes become refuges, intimate places where women can finally unfold their narratives.

Through À moi seule, Cazo and Clouâtre weave a fabric of haunting sensitivity. Their work resonates within us like water merging with shores, like a horizon stretching to infinity, like a voice finally finding its echo.