Boris Pintado's artworks at the Wishbone art gallery in Montreal


With our latest exhibition "Hier," the Wishbone gallery explores the inextricable link between past memory and future hopes while subtly reflecting the underlying tensions of our time. 

This exhibition of retro-futuristic poetry suggests a duality between reminiscence and foresight. These concepts embody an intellectual approach that encourages deep reflection on how memories and future projections intertwine to shape our perception of the world.

Liz Capote, a Cuban artist based in Mexico City, channels her talent through visual essays that depict the pervasive violence in contemporary society. Her work abstractly examines the suffering of women, with subtle attention to gender-based violence, using a frenetic repetition that reflects the persistence of these issues.

Charlotte Caron, a visual artist from Montreal, explores materiality to bring her works to life, using elements such as epoxy, textiles, and paint. Despite the characteristic abstraction in her work, it remains rooted in the personal and addresses the artist's reflections on intimate connections, identity, and uniqueness.

Damien Chabauty is a Montreal-based artist whose approach is imbued with an unshakable fascination for design and architecture. His work, influenced by surrealism, brutalism, and minimalism, offers an innovative perspective on the relationship between art, space, and the viewer.

Lobo, a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, turned to sculpture in 2018. His artistic approach focuses on upcycling deceased animals, occasionally housed in vintage picture frames or meticulously sculpted boxes, illustrating a profound sensitivity to the cycle of life.

Boris Pintado, a Spanish artist residing in Montreal, masters the art of masking and concealing to tame matter. His graphite work generously explores texture and patterns, creating a rich universe where form represents structure and coherence, engaging the sense of sight, while texture evokes randomness, a primitive quality that appeals to the sense of touch.


Liz Capote (Mexico City, Mexico)

Charlotte Caron (Montreal, Canada)

Damien Chabauty (Montreal, Canada)

Lobo (Montreal, Canada)

Boris Pintado (Montreal, Canada)


From November 23, 2023, to February 28, 2024.