Damien Chabauty

Damien Chabauty crossed numerous fields before lending into fine arts. His early studies in natural sciences and mathematics positioned him on the path of becoming an architect. Sobered by the vertiginous world of advanced mathematics, a call for the arts flipped everything upside down. Following a brief flirt with literature, he finally turned to visual arts to pursue his love for manual labour and fulfill his imagination. In 2022, he completed a bachelor’s degree of Fine Art from the University of Concordia in Montreal.

First drawn to the medium of painting, his stylistic approach borrowed elements of surrealism, brutalism, and minimalism. Soon after, the flat surface of the canvas was something he sought to mold, contract, and expand by pushing the physical boundaries of his works. By blending painting with its surroundings, he started experimenting with the relation between art, space, and the viewer’s physical body, thus exploring the dialogue one has with an object in a set environment. This direction was greatly influenced by design and architecture, both passions of his.

The artist seeks to explore and push the limits of painting by mixing structural composition of sculpture. The diverse materials and technologies available from this marriage function to maximize the exaltation of the senses. Damien’s core desire is to share an experience, a precise thought, or a reflection through one’s physical interaction with his pieces.

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