Magali Cazo's Art: Rediscovering Childhood Wonder

Magali Cazo's Art: Rediscovering Childhood Wonder

In a recent interview, artist Magali Cazo shared insights into her creative process and the themes behind her captivating artwork.

Cazo discussed how her childhood experiences inspire her artistic journey, stating, "The images presented in this exhibition are the result of those moments. When I’m drawing in the studio or in solitude, this allows me to access a state of presence in the world and a very deep concentration."

She emphasized the significance of tapping into childhood nostalgia, expressing, "A state that is close to moments experienced since childhood. In those moments, we convince ourselves that we can make everything come to life, that we have a certain power of action on the world around us. It's precious, it's precious to be able to relive it as an adult."

Cazo talked about her book, "Passage," revealing its a compilation of her works.

Through her art, Cazo aims to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, encouraging viewers to reconnect with the innocence and imagination of their youth. Visit her past works in exhibitions at the Wishbone Art Gallery.

View Magali's works here.