Catherine Morin

Catherine Morin is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Montreal. Trained in photography, she has devoted herself almost exclusively to painting since 2010, while occasionally exploring sculpture.

Her approach is distinguished by a deep sensitivity to the human condition, studied through subjects that question social and economic norms and values. In this sense, Morin skillfully addresses the themes of social class, culture, and identity, which are often obscured due to their sometimes controversial nature. The detailed study of these themes is carried out through various series presenting variations in atmosphere and composition, ranging from the parodic to the gentle, but always depicting the expressive and detailed faces that embody the starting point of her oil and acrylic paintings.

Morin celebrates workers by highlighting their dignity, courage, and accomplishments, especially those involved in physical labor. In the next moment, she explores the awkwardness of the suburban middle class, addressing decolonization, cultural identity, and self-derision. Whatever the series, Catherine Morin's works are nourished by her personal life and themes that move her, giving rise to frontal scenes that are both welcoming and discordant. The marked presence of nudity reinforces a representation of either brute strength or vulnerability, depending on the context, without ever issuing judgment or stigma towards the body.

Her art is not rhetorical: at its sharpest, Morin is humorous; and at its most benevolent, she expresses exquisite tenderness.

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