Tiffany Wong

Tiffany Wong is a painter living and working in Montréal. Holding a Bachelor of arts Degree in painting, drawing and animation from Concordia University, this first-generation Montrealer of Hongkongese origin has, for the past several years, dedicated herself to her first love, painting.

Tiffany Wong devises landscapes of the invisible. Manifestly ethereal, her paintings are invested with great depth : in her creative process, they serve as a confessional, an outlet, even a private journal. The artist says her paintings are places which are inspired by the tender and vague recollections of childhood, the rich realm of her imagination and the dream world. Over time, she has developed a highly auto-referential visual lexicon. Her works aptly recall the « kingdoms of abstraction » described by painter and theoretician Wassily Kandinsky.

Wong creates her paintings with proprietary pigments which she obtains by reducing foraged plants and kitchen scraps into pigmented liquids, which she then binds with gum arabic. These unique inks share the canvas space with China ink, through watery layers of medium which make up the surface and are punctuated by dense and opaque characters. This work is sometimes adorned with embroidery and gold leaf. 

“My process is forgiving and meditative, while also being escapist. I wish to impart that same comfort and pause to the viewer while taking them to a place that doesn’t exist in their own reality." A philosophical heir to Wassily Kandinsky, Wong’s practice is in accordance with the famed painter and theoretician in that she has invested herself with the role of making vessels for the spirit - through her ‘kingdoms of abstractions’ - using matter, and the languages of colour and line.