Alex Coma

Alex Coma (b. Granby, QC, 1991) is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and seeker. Following the traces of humanistic and symbolistic artists such as Joseph Beuys and Carl  Yung, his work is a testimony of his inner life and findings. Coma applies the logic and vernacular of the semiotician, following tenuous but poetic connections between his inner self and larger concepts that are said to exist on the spiritual plane. Whether or not a particular connection can be proven is secondary to the kernel of truth that lies in the impulse to seek it. At the heart of his practice is a longing, or a prayer, for an essential truth that may never be told.

 Most of Alex Coma’s projects take the form of an immersive installation. His attempt to answer these hypotheses are described throughout the installations with the help of various symbols that take the form of symmetrical placements, sculptures, sounds, and representational paintings.